Sunday, July 1, 2012

How I Got Started In Bookbinding

I've always been a book lover and avid reader.  I remember reading my first book, all on my own, when I was four.  It was Berenstains' B Book.  I was so proud of myself!

I remember making my first quasi-book in kindergarten.  It was sort of a multi-page get well comic / card for my best friend.

My second book (or first "real" book) was in third grade.  An accordion book made from cardstock and contact paper with the letter A on the cover.

In college I created a chapbook zine as an accompaniment to some short documentaries I made for a Women's Studies course.

I'd wanted to take a bookbinding course offered one summer in college, but was so intimidated by taking an "art" class.  I felt so uncreative, I dreaded the thought of being laughed at by peers or scorned by teachers.  So I continued on my own, collaging, experimenting with painting, and learning ceramics.

Three Paper Bag Books

It would be another ten years before I really started experimenting with bookbinding.  Mainly this included instant paperbag books, and collage books bound along the side with rafia or using a sewing machine.

"Coffee With Buttons On" - Tiny Book
I was 32 years old before I took my first bookbinding class and learned the techniques I truly wanted to learn - long stitch and Coptic stitch.

With that one class I was hooked and began contriving to turn everything into a blank book  - beer coasters, coffee sleeves, vintage books, old acrylic paintings.  This passion has stuck with me, and turned into a little business.
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