Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inkjet Experiment 1

I don't have a printing press... whoa is me!  Someday I may invest in one... but first I need somewhere to put it, and something with which to invest in it (i.e. large sums of money).

Meanwhile, I typically rely on the good ol' linocut, which is fantastic for images - even small ones.  But for text... It can be tough to carve tiny letters even in the butteriest of linoleum.  And messing up is heart-wrenching.  So, I generally tend to skip text all together, and rely on torn out words from old novels.

But today I need a really nice "Thank You" card... one that is handmade... by me.

First try with inkjet.
Although I could easily carve a passable linoleum "Thank You" fairly quickly, my personal scrawl is not as delicate and elegant as I'd like.  So, I'm going "modern" and trying out my inkjet.

I found a pretty font, made some calculations based on my envelope and desired placement, and hit print.

I like the result enough.  Now I'm wondering... "could I fit a tiny linocut print on there?" 

Inkjet linocut combo.

My little linocuts don't quite work with the perfectly centered text...  But if I just move the text over and down a bit... voila`!

I love it!

Honestly, this inkjet success only makes me want a printing press that much more.
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