Friday, August 24, 2012

Philosophical Paper Dilemma - Cut Vs Tear

For some time I've been wrestling with whether it's best to cut or tear journal pages.

Soft torn edges.
I like the look and feel of torn pages - the edges are soft, nonconforming, and let you know without a doubt that human hands (rather than a machine) made this.

There is a sense of relaxation, a permission to the journaler that it's okay to scribble out the mistakes, and to relax and just let the words or images flow.
Bern, Switzerland

I also like the look of cut pages - the clean uniformity and a sense of completeness.  (Probably for the same reason I really love Bern, Switzerland!)

Clean cut.
Yet, I worry that there is a subtle rigidity expressed in these cut pages.

Then again, since the pages are hand-cut, they are not perfectly uniform, and I find myself frustrated with imperfections in the cuts.  Afterall, I cut for uniformity and for perfection, otherwise wouldn't I tear?

What is your response to torn pages, to cut pages?

Which style do you prefer in your book, and why?

Does the function of the book make a difference in which style you prefer?  For example, would you prefer cut pages in a wedding guestbook but torn pages for a scrapbook?
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