Monday, October 8, 2012

Vermont Open Studio Tour

This past weekend was the Vermont Open Studios!

I had wanted to participate, but at the submission deadline wasn't sure what my address would be, so decided that I'll have to wait until the May Open Studios.

I did, however, get the opportunity to visit a few artist studios in my neck of the woods.

My main interest was checking out the studio of fellow book artist Elissa Campbell, which was definitely rewarding!  It was a treat to see her space, supplies, library and even some of her more amusing creations. I appreciate her clever content. And I now have some new ideas for how I could improve my own studio space to make it a better workspace. It was also fun to see what in our studios we have in common (besides the obvious PVA, bookboard, etc.) - it turns out, we use some of the same shelving to organize our supplies!

If you're ever in Vermont during Open Studio I absolutely recommend stopping by Elissa's studio.  She's such a welcoming and energetic person with so much talent.

The other space I visited that I want to mention, which isn't an artist studio but is a beautiful museum and gallery space, is the Kent Museum in Calais, VT.  There was a splendid exhibit by several artists, "Full Circle".  I typically like to list my "favorite" two or three artworks from an exhibit, but simply can't because every piece intrigued and delighted me.  Many artists had also donated work for a silent auction to benefit the Craft Emergency Relief Fund.

The weekend was a great opportunity for me to explore the art and artists living in my new "neighborhood", and I'm excited to be part of such a vast and talented community of artists!
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