Monday, November 26, 2012

Preparing For My First Event

Way back in the previous decade my paintings were in both solo and group art shows.  More recently I've participated in fundraiser art shows with my prints and multimedia pieces.  And of course, I've had the occasional yard-art sale here and there.

Yet, I have never participated in an art/craft event.  And certainly not one leading up to the biggest gift giving holiday in the US.  Until NOW!

When a friend of mine told me about Local 64's plan to have an Under $100 Pop-Up Art / Craft Show on Saturday, December 1st, I jumped on the chance.  It's super close to home (travel is often a barrier for me, since Lupus is not very travel friendly.)  And reasonably priced.

As you might imagine, being a bit inexperienced with art / craft shows, I'm feeling a bit nervous and a bit under pressure to pull together something amazing.

Off the top of my head... I'm nervous about the following scenarios...
  1. No one comes to my booth (but everyone else's booths are overflowing with customers).
  2. People come to my booth and scoff at my wares ("Blindfolded dolphins could make that!")
  3. People scoff at my prices.  (I'm certainly guilty of walking into a booth and thinking "I wouldn't pay $X for that!")
  4. Having the worst display / booth in the whole event.
  5. Running out of change!
  6. Not being able to handle the dozens of people all in my booth who are fighting each other for all of my cool stuff.
  7. Running out of stuff.
 So, I'm working my rear off this week preparing for my first ever show.

Here's what I'm doing to prepare:
    Gift Tags!
  1. I've been packaging up some of my creations so they stay clean, and so they are ready for grabbing or for gifting.
  2. I've borrowed a card table and nice off-white table cloth from my mother-in-law.
  3. My helper is investigating an additional table possibility, along with folding chairs so we can be comfy.
  4. I've got a couple small book cases that can stand on the table to display books at eye-level.
  5. I've gathered a few little orange crates that can organize smaller things.
What I have left to do:
  1. Make sure I have the right kind of change. (I see a trip to the bank in my near future.)
  2. Make an inventory and price list easy enough for my helper to use.
  3. Make more business cards!
  4. Make more stuff!
 Whatever happens, this will be a learning experience!
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