Monday, December 10, 2012

First Pop-Up Art Show

Original block print journals.
It's taken me a bit to get around to writing about my first (book) event.

You may recall I was so nervous about all sorts of things!  Yet, everything went so smoothly, and I got a lot of practice talking about my work with shoppers.

Vendors brought our displays and wares the night before to get set up for our Saturday market.  I had managed to borrow two tables, and decided to bring all of my completed books, plus other related products, and a few things I'd been creating over the week prior to our show.

New, Vintage, and Upcycled Books.
The week before the event I spent a great deal of time packaging smaller items - gift tags, greeting cards, light switch plates.  Tagging and labeling things to make it easy for me, my helper, and shoppers to know what they were looking at and how much it cost.  Plus, I created "belly bands" for my larger creations to present need-to-know details (original printing dates of vintage books, number of blank pages), keep the pages clean, and also to hold any original spine bookmarks.

Baskets were extremely helpful in organizing the smaller items on the tables, and wooden clothes pins worked wonderfully for displaying similar prices (ie. everything in this basket is $3 each).

Cohesive presentation!
With a few wooden photo stands, I was able to prop a couple eye-catching books and add variation to product heights.  I also brought in a small bookshelf and used this to display Series 1, original art cover books.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the presentation and know what I want to work on over the next year to prepare for the 2013 holiday art show season.
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