Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Playing with New Paper Colors

Every time I re-order paper for wedding guest books, I try to order a new color as well.  So, my last order included a bright and wonderful green!  I've been playing around with color combinations and just love how this paper looks with bright Lokta covers.

Just so you can enjoy these fun papers, too... I've made a little collage of some of these delicious books.
Clockwise from left:  Magenta with green pages,
Burnt orange with diamond pattern pages, Cream damask with black pages,
Series 2 books - some with colorful pages!
To choose new paper colors for pages, I'll usually browse through swatch books looking for a page color that would look great with several different cover colors.

Lately, I've been drawn to both bold and subtle colors. For example, I really enjoy the grey with grey. Sure, grey goes fine with white, but I prefer how the greys make a more cohesive whole together.

On my list of future colors are brown, red, turquoise, and pink.  In the year or so it will take me to acquire these, I'll need to build a home for these stacks of 25x38 inch sheets.
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