Saturday, June 4, 2016

Creative Shifting

Okay, so I didn't make that caterpillar, but I did take the photo.  And really, my point is that I'm trying to be outside more, and actively trying to be inspired and practicing... *gasp*... gratitude... or something like it.  Also, I'm trying to practice "letting go", which I think I've been better at in the past than I am currently.

I'm a bit stuck creatively with book arts, drawings for cards, and comics, but really bulldozing my way through a pile of cover paper as I make Ready Made wedding guest books.

Gold and Cream Wedding Guest Book by Amy L. Burns

It's funny how that works... being blocked in some creative areas but not in others.  In the past I've thought of it as waves of creativity, and maybe it was wave-like.  But maybe a better way to think of it is that my creativity shifts between things.

I'd rather be working on those other things, but binding is the thing that isn't blocked right now, so it's where I go until things shift again.

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