Monday, July 11, 2016

Time to Revise 2016 Goals

I've freed up about 20 hours of time per week.  I was temping two days a week and had an hour commute each way (with my sweetie), and now I'm done.

Before I can truly recoup this time, I've actually got company visiting throughout most of July.  But once everyone heads to their respective homes and I'm left to myself, then what?

I figure it might be a good time to review my 2016 goals, and create some structure for myself so that I can achieve (or get closer to) some of the overlooked goals I've set.

One in particular that I haven't given proper attention is drawing in general, and another is working on my comics.  Comics have completely fallen by the wayside and I'm very displeased.

In all honesty, I have managed to do a bit... but I had intentionally set some pretty achievable goals:
  1. Create two drawings per month for greeting cards
  2. Complete one comic page per month
I believe I've completed one or two greeting card drawings, and two comic pages possibly 3 depending on when I completed it.

I've been a bit more successful on other goals:
  1. Contact 3 vendors by June 30th about stocking my cards
  2. Create 50 ready-made books this year
  3. Take one class
One of the vendors I contacted actually worked out.  I've created about 40 ready-made books and it's only half way through the year.  And I learned a new book structure in the class I took this spring.

I'd like to add on to some of these during my goal review.  I feel like there is still time to catch another class, if I can find something of interest that I can get to.  And maybe make even *more* books.  And possibly contact even more vendors (this one isn't particularly difficult, but is very scary and rejection is hard on the feelers).

I've also accomplished several personal goals (like painting my kitchen cabinets, attending yoga, and only buying clothes that hone the particular styles I've decided to cultivate).

It's just those goals around drawing that haunt me.

Why?  If you don't practice your craft, you can't get better at it.  And I want to be better at drawing, and better at making comics.  I also want to get better at storytelling and telling the story I need to tell.

One solution that pops out at me with this 20 extra hours per week that will officially be mine in a couple weeks is a daily drawing practice.  I'm going to have to be disciplined, and set a daily time, and just do it Every. Single. Day.  Even if I hate what I draw.  Maybe even if I don't draw anything at all and am just sitting there with pencils/pens and paper and nothing else.
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