Tuesday, December 20, 2016

CCS One-Week Work Out: Day 1

Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is my favorite school on the planet.

Summer 2014 I attended the CCS Create Comics week-long class, and LOVED it.  So, I was all for it when they announced a "One-Week Workout" this Autumn.

What is the One-Week Workout?  It's pretty much a cartoon exercise program with exercises emailed to you daily for one week.

I signed up immediately when I found out about it and due to intense chronic illness issues am going at my own pace... which means, I did the first exercise in November... and will be tackling the rest in January and February.

This comic is from Day 1:  A Four Panel Comic

To make it easy to figure out what to draw, I decided to make my four panel comic about my "To-Do List" for that day... post-election tasks and other junk I needed to take care of.

Usually I draw on paper first, create a final ink outline, then scan and edit.  But I wanted to try starting from scratch on the computer to practice using my Wacom drawing tablet.

I feel pretty good about this comic, and drawing digitally.  And I'm excited to get to the next exercises when I'm feeling better!
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