Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Guest Books: Choosing A Size

This April we'll be looking at some common questions and considerations when ordering a guest book.  This week's installment is about size - one of the most stressful parts about ordering a guest book for an event.

Over the last decade of creating guest books, attending events and hearing feedback from friends and customers, I've compiled my best questions and suggestions to consider when ordering your guest book.

7x10 inch Cream with Black Magnolias

Where do you plan to keep/store the book?
If you want to keep your book on a special bookcase, it needs to be able to fit the height and depth of the bookcase, without scuffing the top or hanging off the edge.  If you prefer it laying out for display, consider what size/shape would look best on your coffee table (or wherever)?  Where will it go after that?

Do you plan to put any memorabilia / photos / ephemera inside?
You might want your event announcement, menu, or musical playlist.  Presuming you've already printed/ordered these, they need to fit comfortably if they can't be folded.  Often times you can just attach the envelope to a page and keep your announcement within, but that envelope does need to fit on the page with at least an inch around the edges.  Having memorabilia that fold open can also be charming, but try not to have too much of these, or your book will get bulky.  If you plan to have a lot, let your maker know so they can build in spacers, if possible.

The little folded bits are spacers. They add just a smidge
of space between each register of the book.

What shape do you like?
Do you love/hate squares?  Do you prefer a rectangle that is almost a square?  Do you like the landscape look or portrait look better?  Maybe you don't care, but some folks do!  Whatever you do, don't order a 9x9 book just because squares are all the rage if you will cringe every time you see it.

Portrait Rectangle                           Square                             Landscape Rectangle

Final Thought:
The last thing I want to leave you with if you still don't know "what size to pick" is this: don't worry!  It ultimately doesn't matter if it's a 6x6 or 7x10.  Your book will be filled with love from friends and family, and that will warm your heart for all your days.

Tune in next week where I discuss the frustrating question of "how many pages"!
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